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Humanism in sentence
Humanism in Essence
Humanism in Hints
Humanism for Dummy
Humanism in Brief
Humanism Clearly
Humanism is joy
Humanism Extensively



        1    Humanism in five words gives what humanism is in five words.

        2    Humanism in a sentence gives an idea of the book in one sentence.

           Humanism in Essence gives an essence of the book in 350 words.

        4    Humanism in Hints gives a basic idea of the book in 650 words.

        5    Humanism for Dummies gives an inspiration for the book in 2300 words.

        6    Humanism in Brief gives a more theoretical view of the book in 2800 words.

           Humanism Clearly gives a practical view of the book in 3100 words.

        8    Humanism is joy of living or how the system gives joy of life in 2900 words.

        9    Humanism Extensively gives an extensive view of the book in 5600 words.

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