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Wisdom is the knowledge necessary for a good life. It is the result of an objective understanding of life's experiences. Wisdom teaches us where the real values in life are. A wise man respects nature and the laws that exist in it. He has a productive orientation, while constantly improving himself and his environment, and therefore he lives well. A wise man is always responsible towards nature. For example, a man who does not know to swim would not jump into deep water because his objectivity tells him that he will drown if he did so. This is wisdom, although we generally call wisdom the knowledge that is more difficult to understand. Ordinary people cannot see such wisdom. Only a wise man can.

We are proud of our intellectual development, production capabilities, and the successes we reach throughout our lives and believe that our good life mostly depends on it. This idea was imposed by the authorities and might not be true. Today people have a higher standard of living than that of kings in the Middle Ages. Therefore, they are supposed to be more satisfied with their lives than the kings in The Middle Ages were. Are they? I doubt it. The standard of living does not have much to do with the happiness of people.

So where is the problem? The problem is that our subjectivity sends us off course. We easily overestimate the successes we achieve and underestimate the objective reality. It is easier and in the short term more convenient to accept the subjective way of thinking. Practically anything a person thinks may easily become the truth in his subjective mind. Anything a person does may be easily justified in his subjective mind. Such a truth, even though if subjective, could easily release people from fear and bring them great happiness. So why would someone waste their time in finding the objective truth when they can reach it faster through their subjective mind? The answer lies in the fact that subjective knowledge is alienated from its objective reality. Therefore, subjective knowledge easily comes into conflict with objective reality and then often causes a far bigger inconvenience than the initial happiness.

The most frequent subjectivity that alienates us from the objective reality is our need to have power over people. Such power brings the illusion of overcoming powerlessness in nature or attempts to compensate man's weakness in nature. It is initially very suitable and brings great happiness. This is the reason why most people try to achieve power over others. This is why parents rule over children, teachers rule over students, bosses rule over the employees, the Heads of States rule over the citizens. The rich rule over the poor people.

People have difficulty seeing wisdom when their power in society is questioned because this power brings an illusion of overcoming their powerlessness in nature. If happiness lies in power over the people then the richest and most famous people in the world should be the happiest people. Are they? The more a person builds their power in society the more they live in illusion and because of it more easily come into conflict with the objective laws of nature. The more he becomes disappointed, feel more pain, and become more destructive. If you enjoy making money, you in fact fight for your power in society. You strive for power that you cannot get enough of. The result of it is the stress from which your body gets damaged. Or, if you are pleased with your physical appearance and you invest a lot of energy to preserve the beauty and youth, you are also fighting for your power in society. When you see the first wrinkle on your face it brings pain. The stress that comes from it slowly but surely kills your soul and then of course the body. Rich and famous people are often the most dissatisfied. They drink the most in attempt to try finding peace in their minds; they are depressed, they confront other people the most because they cannot find peace. They divorce the most; they live an unhealthy life and are quite destructive.

When a man rises above others, further rise is limited and therefore can hardly bring satisfaction. At high altitudes, one can easily fall and that brings pain. A man would never commit suicide if they cannot satisfy their natural needs such as hunger and thirst, but they would if they lose the illusion of power. Therefore, a wise man would never try to realize power over the people, just as the man who cannot swim will not jump into deep water.

Some people have asked me how they can learn wisdom in the short run. It is not possible to achieve, although there is nothing complicated in wisdom. Wisdom should tell them to forget their ego and to improve the world around them. That way they can keep their health and happiness. But the person who is obsessed with themselves can no longer enjoy improving their environment. Wise words will hardly encourage the man who has power in society to give up that power because it contradicts with the character he has built throughout his life in an alienated society. If he gave it up, that would hurt him. An intellectual understanding of wisdom is not enough; one needs to feel the right way. The man becomes wise by living a righteous life. Wisdom is the result of a healthy lifestyle.


Wisdom is difficult to achieve because it faces significant obstacles in everyday life. Authorities build their power by imposing subjective knowledge on people. Such knowledge is often completely useless but successfully prevents free thought and diverts people from real problems. Authorities have always determined what way of life people are going to accept, what they are going to think and what they are going to do. Very little of that is the result of free choice. The man was never a real basis of any system or ideology. Man has always been only in the service of various ideologies and therefore cannot be satisfied.

When people accept an alienated knowledge it becomes a value for them. For example, rich people use the huge propaganda that imposes money as the greatest value. That's why people are obsessed with money. It is just this obsession that gives power to rich people because they have money. Money cannot be the greatest value. Once accepted, these wrong values in society become real and difficult to change. But the problem is far greater. When people get used to following authorities, they lose the ability to make independent conclusions, and therefore have a reduced ability to recognize the objective essence. They are alienated from their nature, from their feelings and from logic, and that prevents them from finding the truth within themselves.

Taking away the freedom of people begins by cultural heritage and is instituted by the education system. The education system imposes knowledge and that is wrong even if that knowledge is objectively necessary. The only proper education is one that follows the students' interests. Today, education not only does not follow the students' interests, but also imposes a huge amount of completely unnecessary knowledge. The education system has the task to burden students with useless information that dumbs down the students and makes them powerless and obedient followers of authority. That is all opposite of wisdom. I wrote more about the problems of education in the article My Clash with Sciences. When a man starts to work, the fight for the job and the amount of work itself becomes an obstacle that prevents the man from dedicating enough time to himself in order to discover what wisdom and the good life is. When after a hard workday a man arrives home, media supplements this difficulty with alienated values, which prevent him from following his real needs. Media teaches us everything diametrically opposite to what wisdom and the good life are.

Today's control over people is very organized. Authorities take great care to prevent the development of ideas that can take away their power and privilege. Authorities are obstacles that prevent people from seeking the truth and achieving wisdom. Man has learned to follow the authorities and finds the meaning for his existence in imposed wrong values. He becomes a machine that lives, unable to be wise. That is why society cannot develop. That is why people are unsatisfied no matter what they have achieved in life.


A man who wants to become wise must not allow imposed knowledge to guide him. He has to follow his path. If a man wants to be wise he has to have time for himself. Time to analyze the world around him and his actions, time to discover where real values lie, to discover what is best for him. He has to relate critically to every form of imposed knowledge. The more and the earlier he begins; the more he is on the right way. It is not easy to achieve, but just in that way one can develop the ability to find the true values of life. That builds objectivity. Objectivity is a sufficient condition for the development of wisdom.

I followed just this path. From since I can remember I followed my own way because it has been more valuable to me than anything the authorities have imposed. At the beginning it was nothing significant. I did not accept the imposed knowledge in school and as a result, I was a bad student. It was not pleasant because society does not value people who deviate from the accepted norms of behaviour. But in this way, I kept my natural sense and logic, which aimed me to the right path. Money was not a great value to me, and I did not need power over people, so I have largely avoided the major pitfalls. That has eased to me the path to wisdom. I found that creative work gives me great pleasure and because of it I worked a lot.

Of course as a part of the society in which I lived, I was prone to the influence of authorities as well. Competition is probably natural for young people. I was particularly drawn to competition. As an architecture student I managed to win the Yugoslav competition for the arrangement of the Republic Square in Zagreb, Croatia. It brought me fame, money and happiness. I thought at the time that I was on top of the world. On the other side, this success imposed the need for me to stay on top. It was stressful. In following attempts I did not manage to repeat the success, which brought me disappointment. Generally, I do not remember this period as a successful and happy period of my life but I have learned from my own mistakes.

I worked hard to get to the core of the problems from which emerged the philosophy I have been working on for thirty years. I
It instructed me not to search for happiness by comparing myself and my power to other people. If I compete now I am doing it to have fun and not to win. Philosophy instructed me to search for my happiness within myself. For example, I enjoy renovating my home on my own. Now, I no longer depend on contractors, I save money and enjoy the work. Man must rely on his own power whenever it is possible because that makes him more independent and enjoy life more. I think it is wisdom. I do not claim that everyone should follow my path; I state that freely chosen work brings great pleasure which today's 9 to 5 could hardly bring. Such satisfaction is much easier to achieve than winning competitions, and as opposed to competitions it brings a stable joy. I cannot say I am happy every day but if you exclude the situation in the world, I have no problem that makes me unhappy. I am not stressed and I do not feel depressed. Indeed I have my inner peace and I am often happy just because I am. It is a big enough reward for me.


If an individual finds wisdom, it is not enough for the success of the society. The whole society should learn what is objectively good in order to change and achieve a good life. Society can reach wisdom with more ease than an individual because objectivity could be more easily achieved in the par among people than through an individual contemplation. A wise society will be built through equal rights among people. This is what has never before existed and therefore society was never wise or good. Without equal rights, bad authorities and the obedience of people develop, which cannot bring a good solution. We must overcome the intrusive power of the authorities. The only good authorities are those that affect people only if asked to. All others are bullies. When people get equal power to follow and represent their own needs, no one authority will be violent. Most of the problems in today's society will disappear. In the wild, the stronger animal often eats weaker one, while equally strong animals respect and do not attack one another. Something similar will happen to people when they establish equal rights among people.

The basis of wisdom lies in the fact that no matter what success a man realizes in his life, he must never for his own good and for the good of all who surround him, forget that it is equal to every other man. When a man loses his ability to exercise power over other people, he will stop looking for this power. Equal rights among the people will eliminate the illusion of man’s power, alienated values, and build the respect of every man towards every man. It will teach people wisdom much more than an individual could achieve through contemplation. Then a good society will be built.

When I discovered the importance of equal rights among the people, it became necessary to find a way to implement equal rights in society and I succeeded in that. I created simple ideas that will gradually and unconditionally form a good society. The first idea is a reduction of work hours proportionally to the rate of unemployment. This measure will lead to full employment, which is the basis of people’s journeys toward equal rights. When unemployment ends, owners will have to pay workers more. Workers will achieve greater buying power, and so capitalism would be better off.

The second basic idea is the creation of a system of mutual evaluation. Each person will get equal power to evaluate positively or negatively let’s say three people. With the help of such evaluation, every person will try hard to produce fewer inconveniences and more conveniences to other people. This will build the biggest social wisdom: "Do not do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you." People will become a value to each other and respect one another, regardless of what their positions in society are. People will learn what is objectively good and bad. The development of such assessment shall be exercised wisely and good society.

I have promoted these simple ideas for twenty years. They can quickly solve the major problems of today's society, however they do not have access to the public. What kind of world do we live in? People who stray to my web site mostly like my ideas, but expect them to be promoted by scientific authorities and the media. I offered my work to thousands of authorities usually in the form of short articles like this one, Humanism extensively. This article briefly defines an entirely new social system that will achieve the bright future of mankind.

The social scientists did not accept me. Why? Generally speaking, the science authorities have always been privileged. Their privileges have prevented them from devoting sufficient interest for equal rights among people regardless of which philosophy they develop. Any philosophy that is built on unequal rights in society is wrong or not enough correct. The more a man is educated, the more he had to accept the wrong or insufficiently right knowledge imposed by authorities. When social scientists get the opportunity to think independently, they already think significantly through the alienated premises, through a heavy burden of alienated knowledge that prevents them from enlightenment. They can hardly understand objective reality, and be wise. Under the influence of wrong or insufficiently proper authorities, the social sciences are in the wrong or insufficiently proper path. That is the reason sociology today does not have a solution to the problems of society and society cannot prosper.

I have to mention Professor Erik Olin Wright, elected President of the American Sociological Association. Under the influence of the philosopher Karl Marx he searches for "realistic utopia" which would, among other things, make all goods and services become freely available to all people. However, following Marx, he does not propose anything new that might bring the goal even slightly closer. I contacted Professor Wright, and informed him that I had developed a system that will one day achieve Marx’s communist utopia. He said that he had not enough time to study my work. But the problem is deeper. People who have invested great effort in studying any ideology fall in love with their efforts and do not accept changes to the ideas they have adopted. Professor Wright has built his opinion where there is no room for brand new ideas that are inconsistent with the knowledge he has adopted. Acceptance of such ideas would have been painful for him.

I offered my critique of Marxism to many magazines. Among others, to the journal "Science & Society". The editor replied to me that Marxism is not a religion and he would gladly publish my criticism. On the basis of his support, I wrote the article The Failures of Marxism and the Right Path to Socialism and Communism, but the article was not published. Their acceptance of my ideas implies their recognition that a great part of what they were doing is worthless. They are not ready for it.

I have contacted Professor Noam Chomsky as well. He is a great critic of U.S. policy. Unfortunately, his criticism cannot improve the society in which we live because he does not propose a solution that could bring change. I informed Professor Chomsky that I have created a new system that will create a good society. He replied: “You could well be right, but I simply don't see it.” What Professor Chomsky makes great in comparison to his colleagues is that he admitted he did not know.

I have offered my social system to politicians. They did not reply to my letters because my philosophy gives power to the people, which means that it reduces the power of politicians, and of course, they do not like it. Besides, in the system I have proposed, politicians would for the first time really become responsible to the people and they like that even less.

The media, no matter how independent they are, cannot be independent from the owners, to whom the ideas of social justice is not admirable, and so they too do not want to publish my work. Indeed their interest is completely opposite. They not only do not want to support my ideas but they are doing everything in their power to deceive people to the wrong way. I cancelled cable television because I am sick of it. Now I only use the Internet.

The education system, the media, the government agencies and corporations control our thoughts, and therefore us, practically from birth. In the article Jacob Rothschild is Guilty for the Conspiracy Against Humankind I accused Jacob Rothschild for organizing a conspiracy that prevents the development of society. He hides his power so that no one can accuse him for the problems he creates in the world.

Finally I want to stress out that my work does not let individuals to have more power in society then other people. Individuals cannot achieve private profit from it and that is the reason they are not enough interested in my ideas. That is why my ideas do not have support even though only they can lead society forward.


The system I have proposed will really take the power from authorities and give it to people for the first time in human history. Man will become the center from which everything proceeds and to which everything returns. Each person will have equal rights of decision-making in society and therefore the system will for the first time certainly follow the needs of the people. Each person will have free access to any work post at any time and that will definitely abolish the privileges and all the disadvantages that come from them. The system will democratically establish a very efficient system of bearing the responsibility of individuals for their free actions and that will contribute to the development of cooperation among people at all levels of human relationships. That will make a good society. That will teach people wisdom.

One day the world will accept my ideas because freedom and equal human rights are conditions without which it is not possible to achieve a good society. When people realize that man to man is the greatest value, then they would more easily share the values they possess with others and would reach the wisdom and the good life sooner. It will also teach people to love. Wisdom is to find a way to love. Love is the greatest possible value after basic human needs are met. Love brings joy. People who do not feel love have nothing no matter what kind of success in life they have achieved. People think that they are able to love. I realized that behind their love often lies narcissism and the need to create power over people. This is mainly because our culture supports development of alienated values and thus prevents the development of love. You think you love? I have created a little test that can tell you if you love. The test is here: "Do you love?"

My philosophy on which I have worked on for 30 years gives me pleasure, although I still have not managed to present it to the world. From the beginning, I have envisioned that my work would not be accepted easily but to be honest, I did not predict it would be this hard. I will probably not be able to see the implementation of the results of my work. Sometimes I am sad about that, but there is nothing I can do to speed up the process. It now depends on you people. My work has given me a tremendous reward, because it helped me to penetrate deeper into the laws of nature. I found wisdom. Whenever I develop some new thoughts in my philosophy I feel better and I love this world more. I also enjoy writing because I know that one day my work will bring a good life for all people.

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